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The ability to fit one's fist in the mouth.
I can't do a juliff i have smegma all over me.
by Smegma Monkey March 24, 2004
being the one person who can single handedly give a prison cell mate a hard on, *he drops the soup on purpose people*
Butch Mofo - "hey dude, u dropped the soap"
Juliff - "oh fuck, ill have to BEND OVER and pick up"
by Dead Eternity March 16, 2004
nibbler of wang
(or poor girlfriend)
foster-"stop nibbling my wang juliff"
julif-"but i love to nibble wangs"
by rat boy November 06, 2003
one who screws in his parents bed and asks callander for sex advice, knowing he doesnt even want to hear what his opinion is.
that juliff guy is the shit mofo. the homax shit.
by bamzie November 04, 2003
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