A weak individual who seems to think he is the king; see razi; also, to fuck something up so it doesnt work properly anymore.
Rico talks big but hes gonna get rinsed. He a real jugdish.

Shane really jugdished my controller, he needs to get me a new one.
Top Definition
To pawn off an undesirable person onto someone else. From the film: Animal House.
1. From the film:
Ken, Lonny, l'd like you to meet
Jugdish, Sidney and Clayton.
Grab a seat and make yourselves at home.
2. "You were totally jugdishing me on that kid with hairy ears last night. Die in a fire"
by Suffra December 08, 2006
It's the Indian name for 'Jerry'.
ELAINE: Do you know what 'Jerry' is in Indian?

JERRY: (Carrying her out, piggy-back style) No, what?

ELAINE: (Between laughs) Jugdish.

JERRY: Yes...Jugdish.
by &heart March 20, 2010

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