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In Chile, it takes the "juevos" (eggs/balls) and applies it to a person as an insult loosely meaning "stupid". Somewhere above calling someone a "jerk" but not filthy like calling someone a "motherfucker". Also used in Mexico, but with slightly

(see also, juebon)
Some juevon just cut me off on the freeway. Your new boyfriend just catcalled that woman -- what a juevon.
by Lecheluchador May 15, 2006
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In Chile, is used interchangably between asshole and buddy, primarily by young men.
¿Como estas, juevon?
by DarkFreq April 30, 2007
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Informal Chilean term of address
Ai, juevón, hace tiempo que no te he visto.
by luri03 June 17, 2006
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