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Evil commie dick head, helped murder more people than Hitler. Estimated 20 million dead mostly Jews and political rivals.
fuck joseph stalin and his lenin sucking face.
by Too lazy for details October 28, 2007
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Communist atheist tyrant proving that communism is a political failure despite its adherents exclamations otherwise. Joseph Stalin was also an anti-religious atheist who persecuted and oppressed religious people and banned practice of religions. All communist countries today do the same, see North Korea which pretends to give religious freedom but otherwise imprisons or executes anyone who practices it.
Many atheists worship Joseph Stalin and support communism and wonder why people question their sanity when they support tyranny. If atheists got their way all countries would be like North Korea (which is also backwards in terms of society and technology) and no one would have freedom to practice any belief contrary to atheistic naturalism.
by Skialian January 15, 2014
Quiet possibly the greatest president to ever hold office. Helped the US out of the great depression with the New Deal, the Second New Deal, and also won World War two working with Adolf Hitler.
bro, you see that History channel special on how great Joseph Stalin was. I would go gay for that man.
by Drew Frank February 22, 2008
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