a sexy girl with big boobs. once hot piece of ass and killer body. extremely friendly, popular and greattt in bed. a bit of a slut. usually is has tan skin, long blonde hair and a whole trail of guys wanting to be her boyfriend.
Guy 1: Dayummm check out that chic.
Guy 2: Look at all those guys drooling over her.
Guy 1: Definate jordana.
Guy 2: No doubt about it.
by chris913246 August 13, 2008
Top Definition
never printed on magnets, mugs or other souvenir paraphernalia. Often mistaken for Jordanna or Jordan.
Stranger: how do you spell jordana?
me: its like jordan with an a at the end...
by jory1994 January 19, 2011
A human female with the abilities of being intelligent, beautiful, and being humorous. She is unique and is often always smiling
Girl:who the hell is that?
Guy: wow she's gorgeous!
Girl: uh ew!
Guy: Your jealous cause she's a Jordana
Girl: Whatevs..
by AhhhhhLex December 19, 2010
A smart and athletic girl who is good at everything

Very funny and cool to be around

The cutest girl in the world

the best soccer player ever
the best soccer player ever,

by ello_im_yellow February 22, 2011
Very smart and amazing at every thing

Cute and fun to talk to

The best soccer player ever

The best girl in the world

Funniest person ever
Wow what a jordana
by hockey2 February 03, 2011

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