When a man puts super glue on his penis and slaps a black man in the ear lobe with it until they are legally siamese twins connected by "Penis to Earlobe Bond"

This move was performed in 1989 by a one armed hooker named Steve.
I gave Lindsay Lohan A jolly rancher in the late 90's when the bitch gave me the wrong drink at McDonalds.

Wow jimmy, Look at that dumb asshole with a Dick stuck to his earlobe.
by Lebron Fucking James October 22, 2011
It's just a slang word for head... or BJ's you know a blow job.
Megan wanted to give Nate a Jolly Rancher and the teacher heard.
by Dudette May 24, 2004
lamer; homosexual
er1c is a jolly rancher.
by hacker February 22, 2003
A homosexual farmer.
Notice how that Tim Pickerin is always tending to his sheep and not his crop? Hell, he sure is a jolly rancher!
by Ben Kessler February 19, 2005
1) a delicious tangy fruit candy
2) a really nasty breakfast meat
3) a gay pirate
4) when you take a poop and you dont wipe good enough and little balls of crap are stuck yto your ass hair... then a girl gives you dome later that night and she gots some little turds in her mouth. The little turds are the jolly ranchers.
The jolly rancher sucked mad dick and his breath smells like jololy ranchers so he ate a jolly rancher and then went to the breakfast tabe to cook some jolly ranchers.
by fatrancher March 27, 2003

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