Ex convict turned musician. Sings some great little diddy's like I Walk The Line, Ring Of Fire and that classic: I Fought The Law. Quite possibly one of the greatest people in modern music.
Matt: What's the greatest thing about Johnny Cash?
Sarah: He's Johnny Cash!
by Amoona B. Squimbley October 16, 2005
A hot, painful sensation, felt in one's rectum, anus, bottom or bum. So named after the Johnny Cash song "Burning ring of Fire"
Man: I had some major chaffing today, I've got a Johnny Cash
Woman: Yeah my boyfriend last night did me doggy style and today I've got a Johnny Cash
by saitunes January 20, 2010
1PT Black Sambuca
1PT 151
1Dash Tabasco Sauce

Light on fire(if Applicable)
-Blow out, "Fire" it back
It burns burn burns.
Man 1: Ever try the Johnny cash?
Man 2: No, is it good.
Man 1: Ya, it goes down down down, but the flames, they grow higher.
by Deamon April 08, 2008
When one has consumed an overly hot indian dish such as a Vindaloo leading to a dramatic piece of toilet action where the croucher over the pan has a proper "ring-stinger" or a Johnny Cash; or more specifically "A ring of fire" (coined from one of his most famous songs). May well be associated with "sphincter of fire".
"Jesus that was a hot curry last night"
"Yeah, you're right. I've had huge problems with Johnny Cash this morning"
"Really? What, listening to his music"
"Not in the strictest sense of the word, but it "burns burns burns, the ring of fire, the ring of fire"

by mini-man1980 October 30, 2007

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