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Referring to someone who is a homosexual male. Derrived from the HBO series "The Sopranos", in which Vito, the gay mobster, found a love interest who would "make him his famous Johnny Cakes". Vito loves those Johnny Cakes, and would either order a "tall stack" or a "short stack".
"Look, there's Ryan Secrest. I wonder who's flippin' his Johnny Cakes?"
by vito love May 08, 2006
a breakfast dish that you order if you are gay (as coined on The Sopranos)
Mother: "I just saw Stuart over at Egg Harbor...he was by himself and eating a tall stack of johnny cakes...what's up with that?"

Rob: "<Giggle> I don't know, but thank you for letting me know! <Tongue-wag>"
by The Keefer's 7 May 09, 2006
Homosexual / Gay man...derived from The Sopranos and gay character Vito Spatafore who loved ordering johnny cakes (pancakes / flapjacks) from the gay diner worker / fireman
That cat was kissing on a girl at the bar? Man I thought that dude was johnny cakes in this motherfucker
by (no homo) May 02, 2006
This is a type of pastry from the beautiful Bahamas that comes before or with the main course. Most know this as a dumpling or a festival without sugar.
At Tingum Village dem make de bes' Johnnycake me ever ate and me guh go back for more, if God spare life.
by Theodore James January 02, 2008
As in the "Soprano's", some tough guy who likes to take it up the ass
Check out that Freddie Mercury johnnycakes over there, checking out the big guys package
by Notabudof24 September 17, 2006
Euphemism for Gay Sex. Taken from the most recent season of The SOpranos. Vito, being a closeted homosexual is offered Johnny Cakes by a fellow rough putter.
"Andrew keeps asking Vito if he likes Johnny Cakes"
by Marshall Bananna May 15, 2006
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