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best academic school in south bend, if you do the international baccalaureate program. also has the best mock trial team in the nation (NOT an exaggeration). students from other high schools in the area often diss adams and scare away perspective students by telling them they will be raped or killed there. in reality, these students are just jealous they don't go to adams.

FACT: many students from st. joe high switch to adams in their sophomore year because they can't stand st. joe.
st joe student #1:"i feel so sorry for the kids that can't afford to come here and have to go to john adams high school. it's such a bad place."
st joe student #2: "hey, wait, you and I both wish we went there... "
st joe student #1: yeah, man, but we have to pretend like we're not jealous of their totally awesome IB & mock trial programs!"
by eagles soar December 14, 2011
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A mediocre high school located on the east side of South Bend, Indiana, also known as a desolate shit hole. John Adams High School is best known for its one and only good program, Mock Trial. The legendary Michael Mann did not graduate from this school and regrets nothing about it. Many local comedy acts are preformed by the Football team during the Fall, and the wrestling team has won many porno awards. The current teaching staff is complete shit at best, with minor exceptions. Adams boast its IB program, which is the equivalent of putting a gold bar ontop of a dung pile infested with AIDS.
~Did anyone do Mr. Cotters history reading last night?

~ Wait...he started teaching already...fuck John Adams High School.
by Royal M December 13, 2010
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