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John Dolmayan is the drummer for the band System of a Down. As a drummer, he is noted for his high-hat to snare combo. He has recorded 4 albums with the group, with HYPNOTIZE, the band's other half of their double album, MEZMERIZE/HYPNOTIZE, to follow late September, 2005. In my own opinion, when I listen to his drumming, I feel like I'm hearing 2 drummers instead of only one. As other critics have said, he has a "schizophrenic" style of drumming. Serj Tankian, lead singer for System of a Down, has been noted for saying that he is always trying to make John crack a smile on stage. He tries to keep a straight face and not get put off beat. By keeping a straight face and wearing a black suit, he is said to resemble a member of the Russian Mafia. All in all, all drummers should aspire to one day have the skill of this man.
"So John, describe you happiness with the group's success with your new album in 1 word, what would you say?"

by ChristJebus August 08, 2005
A member of System of a Down and Scars on Broadway and is the most kickass drummer in the world! Plays on an awesome Tama set, and has a set that is covered in comic book art. Owns and runs Torpedo comics and has a huge personal collection of comics as well. Also seems to be a huge perv, his favorite movie is Taboo 2.
Hey did you hear that drummer talk shit? Fucker thinks he's better John Dolmayan.
by CDoris August 13, 2008
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