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The concept of returning soccer to its high and honorable state. To remove cheaters, hackers, and divers. To play with honor, pride, respect, strength, and as a team. Two simple words that on literal translation mean "play pretty", but are left for each and every soccer player to define it with their own style
Never abandon your teammates, that is joga bonito.
by nick91 May 07, 2006
A common saying by many soccer players around the world meaning, "Play pretty". It comes from the Portugese language.
The Nike Soccer ads with Eric Cantona advertising Joga Bonito
by Janie Doe April 05, 2006
Joga Bonito Portuguese for Play Beautiful
Used in football (soccer if your American) when you want to congratulate someone for playing well
That was some 'Joga Bonito' play mate
by Matt W ....... May 09, 2006
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