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Australian joke about a "machine" supposedly made by a guy called simply - Joe, that never appeared anywhere and seems to be a fictional character.

Nice idea that does not work, because its is founded on quackery and pseudoscience about perpetual motion.
Joe cell is presumably a machine that runs on orgone - the "living force". There is no such thing.
The cell is actually supposed to be a free energy device, a perpetuum mobile which is impossible. It violates the law of conservation of energy.

The cell is actually an electrolizer and a very poor capacitator.
There are claims that the device, composed of stainless steel cylinders with water, consumes no water, which is absurd claim born from the fact that lots of developed hydrogen and oxygen during the electrolysis consumes only a tiny ammount of water, undetectable to sloppy observers.
Hence, it violates the law of conservation of matter, too.

Numerous persistent webpages connected to New Age (again, connected to various paranoical claims about human reptiles, illuminates, masons, etc.), clam that "orgone saturated gasses" are produced, when in fact, only hydrogen and oxygen are exiting the cell. During their ascencion, they mix and form a highly explosive gas (mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is very dangerous) which is the "third unexplainable gas" of "orgone properties".

There are unfinished blueprints all around the internet, and no one except probabbly creators of this myth actually built the "device".

Joe cell and orgone are mistakenly being connected to Nikola Tesla, because that great scientist and inventor is greatly mystified, probably perhaps hi-voltage and hi-frequency electric discharges and invisible things like radiowaves are too much for ignorant people, therefore, they must be magic.

Joe cell is a typical example of hardcore quackery combined with hi-tech stuff that seems magical to uneducated people that never saw electrolysis and do not know even the slightest clue about the world of physics and chemistry.

The Internet is a great place for mumbo-jumbo to inflate to fantastic dimensions, hence the huge number of orgone-related pages. Quackery feeds on human anxiety and ignorance.

It is a wide missconception that this is an alternative energy, but it has nothing to do with this. This is quackery, just like chemtrails and chembusters.

It is most likely an Australian joke that got out of hand and was spread over internet superfast, maybe deliberately.

Joe cell could be described simply as - bullshit.
"That man is running his car on Joe Cell, he's using free energy!"
"Will you shut the fuck up, you ignorant imbecile?!"
by Endimion17 November 03, 2006
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An alternative Fuel source to oil etc.
It was invented by an Australian man called Joe X who now wants nothing to do with the technology, therefore it is now more appropriate to call it the Water Cell.

It works by running an electrical current through distilled water separated by a number of stainless steel rings, then after charging begins to emit a form of gas derived from zero-point energy, the gas was originally believed to be hydrogen but has since been proven incorrect as the water acts as a catalyst, thus to produce hydrogen it would use up the water.

The Joe Cell is being researched by organisations such as and other individuals around the world.

Water is clean, natural, and the way of the future.
"Damn fuel is expensive thesedays!"
"Yeah man, thats true, but it don't effect me anymore, my car runs on water."
"Yeah straight up man, thats cool, how do you do that?"
"The Joe Cell"
by ByronNewEnergy researcher. December 29, 2005
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