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code for a blow job. the joe blob has a classy sound to it and adds a synonym to the small arsenal of words to describe a blow job. its just an overall feel good word.
How the word came to be.

Al: "I just need to get laid."
Zach: "I would just settle for a joe blob."
by Dr. Joe Blob May 08, 2008
Fellatio cosisting of a woman using oral practice to satisfy a man's apparatus.
AKA. Sucking the Cock

Euphemism for Blow Job to be used in polite conversation.
Robert; Sally gives killer Joe Blobs.

Alex; You lucky bastard!!!
Sally; ???
by Robert Morris 3.14 May 16, 2009
For when you say the word 'Blowjob' wrong.
Sarah: Rachael I really want to give him a Joeblob!!!
by Satchel151 August 07, 2010
the result of a blow job, ie. hanging dribble uf spunk from your boyfriend's moustache
"hey marcus, you've got a lot of cum around your mouth, you look like joe blob!"
by raffeysod August 06, 2006
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