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joder amorname (-0.935)
joder amor = FUCK LOVE
The lady just wanted a simple kind of life but the guy fd-up so the lady said JODER AMOR!!! bcuz she's tired of being hurt.
The guy said it was over but kept saying he loved the lady, so the lady asked the reason for ther Relationship 2 end,the guy started 2 sob && said he got his EX BYTCH PREGO but he doesnt want 2 be with her!!!... hu he just had to have 1 last good fcuk even though the lady and his sex was the best!!! He said to the lady you deserve better && please dont be like FUCK LOVE && The lady said fine i wont be like FUCK LOVE i'll BE LikE joder amor!!!
by C.PiXiE March 26, 2008
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