A series of grunts and other ape-like noises that only jocks seem to understand. On first encounter, the "conversation" may sound perfectly normal. However, on closer inspection, you realize that these "words" only have meaning to the speakers, and aren't really even worthy of being called "words".

Translation of jockspeak can be very difficult without an interpreter (preferably a former jock).
-end of conversation
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Top Definition
standard phrases that jocks use when speaking to each other and their friends
"Hey man, what's up?" or "Hey man, how's it going"= "Hello, how are you?"
"These pipes aren't just for show!" = "My biceps do more than just look good!"
"You're ripped man!" = "Your muscles are really well defined!"
"Dude, you're gettin' jacked!" = "You're getting really big and strong!"
"Glory on the gridiron" = "Success on the football field."
"sounds like you're picking up jock speak already!" "Jock speak? What's that?"
by Commander Stan July 09, 2006

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