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to vocalize or sing in a corny, rhythmical manner, about the current task or objective one is performing. Kind of like how one would imagine a jock would sing.
For example, if you're cleaning you're bathroom, you'd sing something like, "Wiping down the siiiinnnnk!!! Scruuuubbiiiing the faaaauucet!!!!! Got to get it clean before my girrrlllrllllfriend gets hooooooome! Cuz i want to get laaaaaaid!!!!"

Example: He kept jock rocking while he was driving to the store. Talk about annoying, singing about every turn he took and every street, and even sang about the turn signal. i will not fuck him tonight because his incessant jock rocking.
by Kolar July 10, 2012
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to walk around an international hostel in your underpants. vicious style.
"oh look, paddy is jockrocking his way into the kitchen again".
"terence has jockrocked his ass all over this place".
by Kieran Duffy May 04, 2008
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