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A tattoo on your body that is exposed all the time. (i.e. a tattoo on your neck, nuckles, forearms, hands, face, etc.)

It's hard to get a job with an expose tattoo...
Cookie: "what's that on your neck? it rocks!"
Ginger: "it's my new tattoo"
Cookie: "that's the best job stopper i've ever seen!"
Ginger: "Thanks, that's why I play in a band..."
by Ralph March 23, 2005
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A Tattoo placed on the head, face, hands,or visible part of the neck that would prevent someone from gaining employment.
Some tattoo shops refuse to give Jobstoppers so as to reduce regret.
by Diablo Pitt May 20, 2008
Visible offensive tattoos, such as "fuck You" inked across someones knuckles.
Jimmy - "how did the job interview go?"
Richie - "It went great until he noticed the two Marijuana

leafs tattooed on my neck"
Jimmy - "yeah, i thought those Job Stoppers might be a

by richieallen April 27, 2010

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