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person who catches all cum shot at them
Talen is a fucking jizztrap
by breck March 31, 2005
7 2
A term referring to a woman, either by questionable morals or intelligence, has allowed herself to be the willing recipient of a long history of creampies, to such excess that she dehumanizes herself to the point of becoming a mere sperm receptacle.
That stupid jizz trap gave me the clap!
by dirTsamoan June 30, 2003
75 25
A girl who claims to be on the pill, in order to get herself pregnant therefore making it immpossible for you to break up with her.
Mike: "I heard Katie is pregnant, you dumbass, i told you to wear protection."
Kyle: "That dirty Jizz Trap told me she was on the pill."
by AndrewB May 30, 2005
24 13
1. Female whom enjoys having jizz in her trap.

see also: cumslut; Jenna Jameson.
Man that bitch i took out was one hell of a jizz-trap!!!!
7 3
The act of tricking someone into an unfortunate experience involving ejaculate.
I thought I was spreading mayo onto my turkey sandwich, but it turned out to be cum!!! Damnit Shandy, another successful jizz-trap!
by J. Cooper December 28, 2004
4 4
A slutty girl or gay person whom loves the cum.
Jenny is such a jizztrap, she swallows without being asked.
by Thom December 18, 2003
3 5
Jennifer Lopez
That ho J Lo is such a jizz trap!
by bran is good August 27, 2003
28 32