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1) A spineless person, perhaps known for sucking dick. See also, bitchcake.
2) Someone who takes it in the butt or mouth, and hence becomes a cake of jizz.
3) Paris Hilton.

Note: May be followed by the phrases McGee, McCoy, or Philips to make it a nickname for the person in question.
"Hey, bitchcake. You're a jizzcake."
by Stan the Man with the Plan May 30, 2006
13 2
1. To ejaculate semen onto a woman's breasts and then rub them all over like icing on a cake. Originated from "Jizz" which is to cum, or semen.

2. To ejaculate in someone's food, i.e. a cake or pie, and then watch them eat as a practical joke.
1. One of my many fetishes is to make Jizz Cakes.

Hey man, I don't know if you know this but you just ate some serious Jizz Cakes
by Jet_Pilot_666 December 13, 2004
35 7
A rather excellent song by the eclectic outfit, Baptist & The Obscures. The name is rather a rip off of the superb funk tune, 'Squib Cakes' by Tower of Power.
A - Good grief, did you hear Jizz Cakes the other night??

B - Yeah man i did, blew my testis, mind and soul.
by himovicar January 24, 2011
3 0
Tissue or similar containing dried up semen, left in a conspicuous location.
Jared: Hey, can I check my email on your computer?

Mike: Sure. Don't mind the jizz cakes; my brother uses it a lot.
by T Baggins July 16, 2011
2 0