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1- A load of cocksnot that has coagulated and fermented (sometimes inside of underpants) untill it has the consitency of a ball of dried glue.
1- "Whoah bitch, that better not be a jizzball on yo mattress!!!"

2- I tried to take off my boxers but they were stuck to my spicy italian sausage on account of a huge jizzball gluing them to each other.
by Captn Ben October 01, 2005
29 12
A Jizz Ball occurs after you jerk off in the shower and it gets on you. You will notice that the jizz or cum will become sticky and can be rolled into tiny balls. The tiny balls of jizz can then be flicked on to opponents.
Dude, you got a jizz ball in your hair or I just left the biggest jizz ball in the shower.
by David Rzzzzzz April 22, 2008
40 16
When the coach comes up to the mound to talk to the infield and everyone circle jerks on the baseball until wet. This works effectively on the next pitch the pitcher throws.
Matt, freddy, rob, and luke sucked in the infield. So they huddled up and threw the JIZZ BALL to the next hitter.
by Matt and Freddy April 08, 2008
16 7
pretty much the dirtiest pitch in the history of baseball. to throw it, you must first rub some jizz (cum, semen) on the baseball. Once you have to amount you feel is right, you then go into your windup and throw that ball with i sort of cuveball like motion. If thrown correctly and with the right amount of jizz, there should be about an 18-20 foot break on the ball and the batter will be absolutely devastated, straight up poned.
Wow that guy just threw the nastiest jizz ball i've ever seen, it must have dropped 20 feet. O my god i just got poned like john jackey does every night.
by Jordannn October 08, 2007
16 10
A ball of jizz. It is also known as a wordcum ball or a wordsemen ball.
Homosexuals like to put them in their drinks and mouths, and so do chicks, but not lesbians. Lesbians would much rather lick a hairy cunt, just like I would, except, without the hair. God damn lesbians.
Dude, you got a jizz ball in my hair!
by Big and Sexy Pete July 30, 2003
15 22