When you're having an orgasm, the massive splattering of splooge everywhere stimulates an awkward excitement inside of you... leading to another orgasm... and that orgasm leads to another... and another... thus beginning a never ending cycle or semen generated orgasms that will most likely last for the remainder of your life. Naturally, things like having a job, going to church, or simply eating and drinking, become exceedingly difficult.
Man... watching my man juice spray everywhere led me into an eternal state of "jizzasm".

Father giving advice to son: Whatever you do son, try not to focus on your splooge explosion... it could lead you into the repetitious cycle of jizzasm that your brother Timmy has been experiencing for the last six years. You don't want to live in the basement with him do you?
Son: No way dad, I don't to live in that cum-coated basement!
by Timmy Juggernaut April 15, 2006
Top Definition
It happens when you have a really strong orgasm and it feels like your balls are going to explode.
"Last night when me and Jill were getting it on, she blew me so hard I had a jizzasm all over the neighbor's window!"
by Rilesky June 16, 2008
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