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'Jizum' - literal translation is seamen, spunk, cum, man juice, etc. Monkey is self explanatory. However a 'Jizum Monkey' - is a person who essentially is full of energy, smiles a lot, bounces off the walls, to the point of annoyance - but this is generally an affectionate insult / name rather than a term used to insult someone for derogatory means. Jizum monkey was used in the UK British TV sitcom 'Game On'. The character, Matthew Malone used it to insult Martin Henson, a ginger haired banker.
Pascal is a jizum monkey.

Get off my bouncy castle you fucking jizum monkey!

Rachel - your such a jizum monkey - but i love ya.

Jon insited that he was not a jizum monkey, but more of a skunk-pussy.

by Pascal Dalton June 13, 2008

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