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When someone gives a guy head, and it gets a little messy. The guys jiz gets all over the girls face, and mostly in her hair. Following the messy adventure, she goes in public for all to see the jiz in her hair. She is now a jiz head.
"When Meagan came back from the party we went to breakfast, I noticed something funny in her hair and realized it was a guys jiz from the night before! She is such a jiz head."
by Natasha & Sam June 10, 2008
5 Words related to jiz head
1. when someone smears jiz all over their face for lack of something better to do

2. an idiot

3. someone who thinks you can smoke jiz
1. that guy is the biggest jizhead ever, probably cause he has no friends.

2. you fucking jizhead, get out of my face!

3. Erin: wanna go in the basement and smoke some jiz
jemima: you can't smoke it you jizhead
by fartmuffin June 26, 2006

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