theres nothing else to say, jimi hendrix was the best guitarist ever to live. thats final!
you know your a cute little heart breaker....huh foxy and you know your a sweet little love maker huh foxy
by chase March 15, 2005
Highly influential and extremeley Guitarist of the 20th Century, widely regarded to be the greatest Guitarist ever. See also: God.
And Hendrix said let there be light, and there was light. And Hendrix saw that it was good.
by cjackson August 14, 2005
An amazingly talented guitarist, with signature songs like Voodoo Child, Little Wing, Purple Haze, Red House, All Along the Watchtower, The Star Spangled Banner...etc. He only got to live for 27 years, but he was then easily remembered as the greatest guitarist in the world. He became the reason people learn to play guitar.
A: Hendrix fuckin' rules!!!!
B: Fuck yeah!!
by Austin January 06, 2005
One of the greatest guitarists of our time and as aptly pointed out by Brittany R. the man who helped free the slaves.
History Channel Voiceover: The year was 1864. The Union trooops had almost defeated the Confederates in their battle to free the slaves. The absolute final turning point was when a black man dressed in phychedelic clothing and somehow having an electric guitar did something amazing.

Jimi:(Singing and playing his wicked licks)Purple haze all in my brain. Living things just don't seem the same. Acting funny but I don't know why. Scuse me while I kiss the sky.

History Channel Dude: Thanks to the amazing rendition of this and other now classic Hendrix tunes, the slaveowners were so distracted in amazement that they didn't bother watching all of their slaves escaping toward the North. Thanks to this, Jimi became known the world over as the man who helped free the slaves and whose clone played the same great music in the 60's. We thank you Jimi. Rock on, dude.
by The Almight Lizard King November 06, 2004
You guys don't know jack about Jimi Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix is the ultimate musical genious of our world. He is better at guitar dead than anyone on earth today. We should all be put to shame for having spoken his name, for we are unworthy.
Jimi Hendrix is god.
by not important at all August 31, 2005
the best muthafckin guitarist that ever will come. nobody comes close 2 this nigga he insane. listen 2 awesome songs like crosstown traffic, all along the watchtower, and my personal favorite voodoo child. go cop some of his albums.
-ay who u think is tha best guitarist ever?
-awwww man. jimi hendrix without a doubt.
by Boojack January 03, 2006
(1942-1970)Blues guitarist from Seattle, Washington. The greatest virtuoso ever to pick up an instrument.
Jimi Hendrix plays seemingly impossible things that border on the supernatural.
by Mike Ryan from Lubbock October 02, 2003

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