The best fucking guitarist ever.
Idiot: Dude, Jimi Hendrix can go suck my dickkkkkkkk! Eric Clapton is the best guitarist EVERRRRRRR!!!!!!
Me: Shut the fuck up.
by itssosimple March 26, 2010
He was and still is considered to be the greatest guitarist of all time. He reinvented guitar! People can claim how people like Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai are better, but i've heard many of their songs and none of them compare to the beauty of a Hendrix song. Yngwie and Steve are purely guitar techs, Jimi is a fucking musician!!! Yngwie and Steve can move their fingers fast...Jimi makes music!!!
Kevin: Omg! Have you heard Yngwie Malmsteen's new song? His playing is awesome!

Paul: Pfft...You call that music? Listen to some Jimi Hendrix, then talk to me about guitar.
by Ben!!! April 23, 2008
One of the most influential and inventive guitarists ever, no one will ever matched what he did.
A God among mere mortals
Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Norris, Jesus-All the same
by Lee/Buddha February 16, 2007
if you think that anyone is better or will be better you are a dumb ass that deserves to burn in hell over and over
screw anyone who dosent agree with me
to sum it up jimi hendrix is the best ever
Jimi Hendrix comes right after god
by Brett Z February 22, 2006
1. One of the greatest guitarists to walk on the face of the earth.

2. The act of dying of choking on one's vomit.
"Jimi Hendrix was on of the greatest, if not the greatest, guitarist of all time".


"Man, it really sucked that Lizzie Jimi Hendrixed last night".
by A Doughnut July 23, 2014
God to most guitarists.
Welll shes walking, through the clouds-Jimi Hendrix, Little Wing
by Squier player95 November 07, 2009
To take a song already made and change it so that it is even better like Jimi Hendrix did with songs like Wild Thing, Sgt. Peppers, and Hey Joe.
Dude, Kanye West totally Jimi Hendrixed that Daft Punk song.
by Turbansam May 20, 2008

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