1. Not Jimmy Hendrix
2.The Greatest guitarist ever ever.
3. Slash sucks compared to Jimi Hendrix
4. Born as Johnny Allen Hendrix in 1942
5. Stevie Ray Vaughan copies Jimi and he is worse than Jimi.
6. The only guitarist i will ever respect.
7.No question better than any guitarist ever.
8. If i ever became a famous guitarist and people thought i was better than hendrix. I would quit on the spot because Jimi deserves to be the only best guitarist.
9. I know more about Jimi Hendrix than you.
10. I will list all songs and all versions i know off the top of my head.If it is not described otherwise,it is the album version.RAH=Royal Albert Hall
Little Wing,Little Wing Royal Albert Hall, Fire, Fire Woodstock, Fire RAH,Voodoo Child(slight return, Voodoo Child Berkely, Voodoo Child Woodstock, Purple Haze, Purple Haze Atlanta, Purple Haze Beat Club, Purple Haze Woodstock, Hey Joe, Hey Joe Live(unknown Location), Hey Joe Beat Club,Highway Chile, Easy Rider, Stepping Stone, Love or confusion,Stone Free, Stone free beat club,Red House, Red house woodstock, unknown location red house live,Waterfall, Cherokee Mist Acoustic, Hear my train a comin RAH, Hear my train a comin acoustic, All along the watchtower, all along the watchtower Isle of Wight, Voodoo Child Isle of Wight, Foxy Lady, Foxy lady RAH, Foxy Lady rainbow bridge, wild thing montery, rock me baby monterey,hey baby new rising sun,thrid stone from the sun, are you experienced, have you ever been to electric ladyland, Manic Depression, The wind cries mary, The wind cries mary,the wind cries mary Live unknown location,drifting, rainy day dream away,if 6 was 9,house burning down,power of soul, i just came back today isle of wight, dolly dagger,woodstock star spangled banner, can you see me,nightbird flying,happy birthday, freedom,machine gun january 1st 1970, remember,killing floor extremely fast,like a rolling stone,room full of mirrors, my friend,castles made of sand, angel,bold as love,Izzabella Woodstock,red house woodstock,i don't live today, i don't live today RAH,Amazing Woodstock Improvision,

If anyone loves Jimi Hendrix and has any audio or video that i didn't list, Email me at ebanich@hotmail.com

1. Poser,"I Love Jimmy Hendrix
Person,"I love Jimi Hendrix"
Sackwad, "I hate Jimmy Hendrix"
Complete Asshole, "Slash is better than Hendrix"
Bumbass,"S.R.V. has a better version of Voodoo Child"

Anyway, Jimi Hendrix is the best guitarist there will ever be and he is a wonderful songwriter. If you think his lyrics have no meaning, listen to Castles of Sand and get back to me.Also, If you like any ACDC,Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, or any other crappy ass metal, especially death metal or Korn, you are a gay ass fucktard and you can suck my hairy balls.

Nuff Said,Jimi Hendrix is best. He died in 1970. he never copied other people's music. If he took the basic sound or lyrics, he made it his own. Whatever, you suck if you dissagree with any of this.

by EthanB. November 30, 2005
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An excellent guitarist. Known to break the boundaries of guitar playing - in such ways as plucking the strings with his teeth (He recorded the American national anthem this way) and setting his guitar neck on fire while playing in concert. Don't ask.

He is also the author of one of the strangest and greatest quotes of all time:

"Excuse me, while I kiss the sky."
Jimi Hendrix is one awesome guitar player! All modern guitar players look up to him, guaranteed.

enough said
"fly on little wing"
by T1mm0rz December 14, 2003
The best rock guitarist in the history of mankind. When Jimi played, the guitar seemed to be part of his body just like another limb. He was a master at mixing lead and rhythm guitar together. Unlike most guitarists, he didn't need anyone backing him up, even when he played a solo!
Jimi Hendrix could make his guitar sound like a machine gun!
by RexGibson January 01, 2004
ok lets clear this thing up right fucking now. Slash has nothing on Jimi Hendrix. If you think Slash is better than Jimi you are a <Fucking Moron?>.

Jimi was the best guitarist ever. no-one has ever and no-one can and no-one will master the guitar like Hendrix did.
And now bringing to you the best guitarist of all time...SLASH! eeer..no

Where as Slash will be an overweight burn-out in a few years, Hendrix rocks on from the grave
by BadLieutenant August 05, 2004
The most creative guitarist of all time. Before Jimi Hendrix you never saw anyone play like he did. Had so much talent he could play the guitar with his eyes closed on the ground using his teethe. The drugs he used was part of the reason why he was so creative with his music. Purple Haze was his most known song and is regarded as one of the greatest rock songs of all time with one of the greatest guitar riffs. All Along the Watchtower holds Jimi Hendrix's best guitar solo and one of the greatest guitar solos of all time. Hendrix was in a band called The Jimi Hendrix Experience, his other band members are not well known but were very talented as well. The Experience's drummer, Mitch Mitchell is one of the greatest drummers of all time, very few drummers were as good as him at the time. His talent is witnessed in the song Fire which has excellent drumming. The Experience released 3 full albums. Are You Experienced? is known as one of the greatest debut albums of all time and one of the greatest psychadellic albums of all time. Hendrix's fame fell short after a inhalation of vommit caused by barbituate Seconol intoxication killing him immediately September 18th, 1970.
R.I.P. Jimi Hendrix

purple haze all in my brain...
by Matt F September 21, 2004
The GREATEST guitar player ever to walk God's green earth. He mastered every possible effect and pioneered new forms of playing.
"Man Jimi Hendrix Rules!"
"No he doesn't"
by Kenzie March 30, 2004
A self-taught guitarist who developed into a virtuoso and became the most accomplished and influential musician in the history of rock music. Hendrix spent years traveling on the chitlin circuit, learning the blues and honing his craft. He landed in New York's Harlem and Greenwich Village, trying to make a name for himself and nearly starving to death. He caught a break by going to England and showing them what an authentic bluesman really is. From October 1966 to September 1970 Hendrix took music to heights in had never been. Drugs, women, and the music business killed him at age 27.
Dude, when Jimi Hendrix played that solo with his teeth I fell out of my chair.
by Mack C January 14, 2007
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