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This is the puddle of semen and vaginal secretion that is left over after sexual intercourse, commonly referred to as 'the wet spot'.
The jime was so large and uncomfortable, I went home to mother.
by Ajax Liquor May 07, 2013
jizz in my eye, or possibly used to describe the 'JIME network', and it's creator
by huge e June 05, 2003
used to describe ejaculating into the eyes, nose, mouth and ears of a person at the same time.
And the judge ruled that jimeing your mom was not an offense due to her being a hoe anyway!
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
A term used to describe ejaculation on another person.
Dude im gonna jime all over her face
by Anonymous March 06, 2003
jizz in my eye
by jim January 16, 2003