A boner. An erection in general, but not usually fully-extended. A semi
We were kissing but it got really awkward, I had a massive jimjam on
by Jackie-F September 07, 2005
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pajamas. pj's. sleep wear.
girls like to throw jim jam parties, guys who crash them are hoping they turn into nuddy pants parties.
by redrobot August 28, 2005
British slang for pajamas, nightwear.
I was going to go to the grocery store yesterday morning when I realized I was still in my jim-jams.
#jim-jams #jimjams #jim-jam #jimjam #pajamas #jammies
by Ronnie Gayle August 08, 2006
Pajamas for children, or teenagers who can't speak/ spell properly
'come on kids!!! Jimjam time!!'

'aww duuude.. I got like, totally awesome jimjams...'
#pjs #pajamas #jim jams #teenagers #bedtime #kids
by oh_so_rasta June 04, 2009
1. A serf or indentured servant, of any race, ethnicity, sex, or creed.
2. An individual in a lesser social class than you.
1. Jim Jams have become increasingly less popular since 1865.
2. HA, look at the Jim Jams over in the corner of the lunchroom!
#jim-jam #jam-jim #jam jim #jamjim #jimjam #slave #serf #indentured servant #vassal
by Jam-Jim May 22, 2013
something being supreme, perfect, awesome.
while cooking some ribs on the grill you can say

"thats the jimjam"
#jim-jam #jim #jam #jam-a-mama #jimmyjam
by saltboxtits August 03, 2007
Code-word euphemism for semen. Combination of "jim" (black slang for "penis") and jam (obvious implication). Often used in polite conversation to add a subtle, humorous sexual reference to a sexual act.
"Frank might be a bit late for dinner. He had to change his pants since he spilled some jim jam on them."
by Frank Klaune March 07, 2004
Performance anxiety or stage fright
"So I just stopped and told the audience what was happening, adjusted the peg and started again. This put the audience on terms with me - or me on terms with them. I stopped having the jimjams."
#jimjams #anxiety #stage fright #concert #performance #music
by slofloat March 06, 2008
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