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the action in which a man hangs from a girls neck with their feet and at the same time the female is sucking on his penis.
Life is good. My GF gave me a Jim Dandy last night. Best night of my life.
by IleanDover June 12, 2011
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said sarcastically when something bad happens.
Bob: I got a 54 on my math test. Fuckin JIM DANDY, huh?
by E-Stylee November 07, 2005
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The act of taking a shit in a bathtub while getting a blowjob, and giving a blowjob to third guy, and that person is eating a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.
Guy 1: Dude, my two friends said they wanna make our friendship closer. Any ideas?

Guy 2: Of course! You three need to jim dandy it up!
by Profesor Cobra October 25, 2008
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a guy who combs his pubic hair to make it look fluffy
That guy is such a creep. He's a real jim dandy.
by bebepepekeke August 20, 2009
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when you are giving a girl anal sex or doggy style and you take it out and make them suck it and then put it back into their butt or doggy style and then cum in their butt or vag.

made famous at WSU (Washington State University) named after an ice cream cone at a favorite local resturant.
"Dude I gave Kristen the Jim Dandy last night, it was nuts."

"God you are such a pimp."
by Wazzu Foo-OX May 23, 2006
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somebody that can put its mouth over a horses ass and blow the bit out of it's throat without chippin' a tooth
by DNUGGG November 01, 2011
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