a annoying,unfunny,poser comedian.a.k.a goat boy from snl. His laugh is probably his worst feature. Somehow has his own show on raw dog (sirius sat channel)
Jim bruer is one of the lamest comedians i ever heard.
by angry dude April 04, 2006
Top Definition
One of the funniest comics to ever come from the east cost. One of his all time best routines was "Hardcore" on comedy central and his role on the popular movie "Half Baked." Also has been on Oppie and Anthony a few times. Way better than faggot Dane Cook and all the other loser "comidieans" on that fucking gay show "tourgasim."
"Angry man"- whoo i think Jim bruer sucks blah, blah, blah

"Me"- Ok buddy now i'm gonna fucking kill you!
by Dime Bag Darell June 05, 2006
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