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Cities that are built only with the intention of setting them ablaze at the most opportune moment.

With billions of dollars invested into a city, a radical terrorist who happens to be an engineering genius can plan to build a city that with the sole purpose of destroying it to kill.

most likely part of a jihad

Cities are built up to the point of extreme population density, and filled with many tourists.

Giant skyscrapers meticulously tumble to the ground with geomechanic landslide-like wizardry, timed impeccably with the instant fall of dozens of other buildings through out the city’s inner core that fulfill their destinies in splendid calculations of self-dismantling sidewalk tragedy.
Ehror City, the future city of the world, is where 20 million people reside. There are only 4 exits out of this city.

However, it is one of the jihadi cities, and it was built by radical engineers with a plot to destroy it.
by g-diggity March 13, 2008