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The amount of jiggling one's ass creates when they move.

Depending on the way that this phrase is used, it can be a positive or negative phrase (examples below).

(Note: Phrase coined by Natasha Kolar, not me.)
1. Did you see the jiggle factor on that chick?

2. Most guys like a girl with a little bit of a jiggle factor.

3. Check out the jiggle factor on that dancer!

4. "She had a pretty face, but just a little too much jiggle factor going on!"
by Nicole Ross January 02, 2007
how much a girl's ass jiggles when you slap it.

when it doesn't jiggle it can either be not sexy or sexy depending on the guy

when it does jiggle a little that is really sexy and alotta guys like it.

when it jiggles too much thats just......
dude 1: oh dude i slapped my girl's ass and it didn't jiggle at all. she had a low jiggle factor.

dude 2:is that good or bad?

dude 1: i say its bad! i want that ass to jiggle.

by tmobileman February 25, 2011
How much a girl's ass jiggles when you slap it. If a girl has a nice ass and it is not stiff it will jiggle a lot compared to a girl who has a small ass which is stiff.
Man, did you see the ass on that girl? I bet she has a pretty high jiggle factor
by itheconman November 11, 2010