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In Newfoundland and Norther Canada, the practice of fishing without a rod by lowering a hook into the water and rhythmically jerking it upward until it encounters a fish.
"All sizes and figures with squid lines and jiggers, they congregate here on the squid-jigging ground."
by Balbulican January 25, 2004
Term used in Haughton High School (LA) for tripping on Ecstacy. The term Jig is used for describing MDMA Pills.
Dude.... Mario is hoppin on the fucking walls...

Mister James! Are you Jigging!?!
by NUNYADAMN April 21, 2009
Where Im from instead of sayin rolling off an x-pill,we say jigging off an x-pill.Jigging is also a famous dance too.
My girl Toya was jiggingin the club last night off them x-pills.
by Arnetrius November 29, 2007
A style of dancing originating in Louisiana where the dancer vigorously shakes there arms and wiggles there knees at the same time. It is a weird combination of legs movements, arms movements, jumps and head movements. Easily One Of The Most Creative Dances Seen. TOO BAD NOT MANY PEOPLE OUT OF LOUISIANA KNOWS. IT WOULD BE NICE TO SHARE JIGGING TO THE WORLD.
Dancer #1: Let's Start Jigging.
Dancer #2: CUT UP!!!!!!!!!
by DK Drew July 13, 2016
A word used to describe the willful act of truanting, derived from 1960's homosexual folk songs.
'Hey, that Henry guy jigged his ballet lesson today! What a fag!'
by Superman March 25, 2003
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