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Intensly dark black people
I touch Jigger boos.
by Dick Shot December 17, 2005
13 10
Jiggerboo is the preferred and traditional pronunciation and spelling of jigger boo and jiggaboo. The latter spelling has become prominent since the advent of nigga as a term for nigger. Jiggerboo is used to describe an unknown Negro (meaning one you do not personally know) and who is not immediately known to be violent (as would be the case for a Negro on a police show). Once you have met them or know of violent tendencies, the term nigger is preferred and more accurate.
1. Go into the house! There's a bunch of jiggerboos walking down the street.
2. I need to get me a jiggerboo to clean my house.
by Kudu Slagter September 30, 2006
70 28
Also Known as a black person, coloured etc..
whatever you call them.

(i'm not a racist person. Some people just don't know the meaning.)
"Hey Grandma look over there! It's a JIGGER BOO!"

"Damn Jigger Boo, needs to go back to detroit where it came from."
by the_heartless August 06, 2006
60 26