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Refers to any sort of gathering of jigga boos or an event in which stereotypical acts of jigga boos are performed. ie: hip-hop parties(sausage-fests), bike steal-a-thons, etc.

(car slams into container truck containing 100s of chickens, releasing them free into the street)
-Jimmy: Damn thats one hell of a mess
-Spense: what a jigga boo jive!
#jigga boo #nignog #nigtig #hiphop #train wreck
by SuSpense May 02, 2006
5 Words related to jigga boo jive
1) (noun) A rap song or moist jungle beat which black people can't resist 'gettin' down' to with either modern (grinding, c-walking, etc) or traditional tribal (bounce around and spin).

2) (noun) A gathering in which black people dance to either mainstream rap or jungle music with either modern or tribal dance steps (see above).

3) (noun) The latest and greatest dance step, generally performed by black people.
1) Check out the black guys bouncing around to that jiggaboo jive.

2) Tyrone can't make it tonight: he's going to that jiggaboo jive.

3) Remember souja boy and his classic jiggaboo jive?
#jiggaboo #black #nigg #rap #jungle #dance
by Tooth Gustovson February 27, 2011
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