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a really dark skinned black person with strong negroid features (ie. big lips, wide nose, nappy hair)
1. in the spike lee movie "school daze" the light skinned sorority sisters refer to the darker sisters of a different sorority as ugly "jiggaboos"

2. this is taken from an alpha kappa alpha sorority chant:
" Zeta Phi Beat
As weak as a flea
Belong in a zoo
Uh, those jiggaboos "
by ed June 09, 2003
3190 1039
Jiggaboo is a name given to describe a stereotypical black person lacking in intelligence.
Dis hurr jiggaboo gon get himself sum KFC yo
by Chris** April 30, 2006
1429 884
A term often used in the Southern regions of the United States in reference to African-American individuals that possess a darker
than average skin pygment (Darkening
skin color). These 'Jiggaboo's" often appear to be seen in the dark even in daylight hours, as the whitening of their eyes and teeth appear to glow through the darkness of their skin tone surrounding the eyes and mouth.
"Damn Jethro! Didja cee dat big-o "Jiggaboo" werkin' hind dat couner in-a store? Datsa bout' da biggizt O'Niggah-Jiggaboo I evah dit cee!

(As the inbread Hillbilly smiles sideways through his scatter toothed mouth full of long-cut,generic chewing tobacco.- Go figure, Look who's talking!)

~CA (Caucasion, non-racist...Like a laugh though)!
by CA March 29, 2004
1202 777
Human of African descent, having jig like qualities. Slang racial derogatory term, i.e. jungle bunny, coon, spook.
" Goddamit Martha, I can't get any sleep with all those jigga boo's out there makin noise with their new fangled hip-hop...."
by masta ace November 28, 2003
617 239
A jiggaboo is person that reinforces the many black stereotypes such as...
Mainly listens to rap music (i.e. 2-Pac)
Eats chicken all the time (i.e. KFC)
Uses common black phrases or words (i.e "What it do?" and "folks")
Wears name brand clothes (i.e. Rocawear or Ecko)
Wears doo-rags
Lazy and stupid
Smokes alot of weed
Leeroy and Dominique, both jiggaboo examples, share a conversation as they eat cheetos while looking at thier myspace...

Leeroy: "Hey Dominique, take a look at my baby's momma, Taykisha."

Dominique: "Damn folks, dat gurl gots a thick ass booty. No wonder you be chillin' at hurr crib awla time."
by Laciduo December 17, 2006
816 588
A term referring to dark complected African-Americans. It is also used as a racial slur
That jiggaboo sure is dark, Robbie! All i can see are the whites of his eyes.
by CutiefromKilleen December 17, 2007
476 345
Used as a disparaging term for a Black person. Frequently used in the southern portion of the United States.
That jigga boo sure does pick that cotton fast.
by CharlesX March 02, 2006
377 246