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Measurement for high amounts of electricity
Tuna's time machine needed 1.21 jigawatts to successfully make it into the past.
by Tuna October 27, 2003
Unit of power used by a Flux-capicitor.
"1.21 Jigawatts ! The only thing that can produce that kind of energy is.. A bolt of lightning."
by Woody Two Guns December 04, 2007
See gigawatts.
"What the hell is a jigawatt!?"
by Joshua J. Slone July 27, 2003
In physics, a measurement utilized to measure Jay-Z's power output. The actual number of jigawatts is variable of course, depending on his mood and stamina.
Great Scott, Marty! During that last concert Jay-Z produced enough Jigawatts to fry the flux capacitor on the Delorean....now you'll never get back to 1988!
by dirkdiggler186 December 30, 2007
(n.) An overtly intelligent black person; one who shuns the 'street' image espoused by his rap-worshipping peers.
Dude, check out that negro with the bow tie and cravat.
Yeah, he's a real jigawatt.
by barn door February 25, 2009