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a stereotypical target shopper fashion sensed Backward tilted hat wearing typical snoop dog wanna be usually white but can be a black or whatever playing this role of the common jibaboo wanna be brainwashed ego of a ten year old kid that commonly in the same costume baseball caps and cotton printed shirts nike shorts."fade hair cuts"made famous in the 80's by dance star mc hammer what we call the penis head hair cut are big among these-jibaboo types. The jibaboo or some say jibaboon are taking over the bay area. San Jose and the silicon valley in california seem to be the most effected by the jibaboo complex.
hey you see that jibaboo oh theres another jibaboo wow theres jibaboon everywhere in this area are we in san jose cause theres alot of jibaboo! laugh out loud !! did you see that jibaboo!
by undernoticed October 25, 2009
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