a snowboard. People who snowboard use this refrence to talk about their board. expecially if it is wicked, and an awesome brand
"Dude check ot my knarly new Burton Jib stick"
"Thats sick man!"
"Lets Go shred"
Yeah, Tear it up"
by Drummagirl9 March 17, 2005
Top Definition
a snowboard used primarily to jib, usually smaller than a regular board for extra balance. These jib sticks can often also have extra wide stance configurations.
yo i just jibbed that gnarly rail with my new jib stick
by tommaayyyyy May 08, 2006
used when talking about a buttery and flexy snowboard. mostly used for park and urban riding. sometimes fun for all mountain butter sesh's. usually pretty short in length for quick spins on and off rails.
"grab the jibstick bro. time for a park sesh"
by johnny saint January 29, 2008
The ribs was good. I need a need a jib stick to finish up.
by chickey March 27, 2010
The Jib Stick is used to keep the Jib sail in control whilst running before the wind.The stick is fixed between the mast and the clew of the Jib.
sailing,dinghy,cruising,racing,running down wind,sailing by the lee.use the jib stick to keep the sail under control.
by swixel August 28, 2006
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