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a.k.a sniper shot-- When doin a female doggy-style and you are about to blow your load, you pull out your johnson and cock it twice like a gun to builid up the shot, hold your breath for 2 seconds, aim towards the back of her head and blow her away with love juice
Joey -"dude I totally got a JFK shot on Megan the other night and she couldn't figure out what hit her in the back of the head! I think I gave her a concussion!"
by joey cannoli March 22, 2010
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the act of shooting an enemy in the head through the back of a friendly in call of duty
I jfk shot him through you.
by towliehatesyou September 02, 2010
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to shoot some1 in da head with a sniper rile
first blue guy: Dude i just a jfk shot with da sinper on dat red guy

2nd blue guy: nice nukka
by CJ aka mace windu 76 August 01, 2006
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