a hairstyle similar to an afro(police)
If I am not mistaken, that hairstyle your friend has is a jewfro.
by Light Joker January 05, 2005
A curly mop-looking type of hairstyle that Jews consist of. Basically an afro on a Jew. Enough said.
Queer 1: Hahaha! Is that guy's hair a jewfro?
Queer 2: Haha! Yes indeed it is, what a jew.
Queer 1: Oh jews these days :)
To feel small, insignificant or demeaned by a friend or acquaintance.
Friend 1: You have very narrow shoulders and a small head!

Friend 2: Don't make me jew-fro you slag!
by Anthrax11 March 11, 2010
The hair that every guy wants.
The koolest "fro" ever.
Simply a white/caucasian (jew) that has curly hair that may have a bit too much volume to be only "curly hair," so it's called a jew fro. Why jew fro? because many jews have them!
Hey man, i was looking at your baby pictures, and noticed how much your jew fro progressed overtime."

Yo yo yo jew dawg. I'm diggin that jew fro you got fo shizzle to the fricki fricki izzle!
by jewgirl18 March 26, 2009
A ghangsta fro that is sported by some really stylish Jews.
Mike Eiziger has the biggest jewfro I have ever seen!
by Bijou Phillips May 11, 2006
Someone who is unexpectedly good at skiing and likes to pick fights with snowboarders and make little girl jokes with his partner-in-crime but no one hears them.
Snowboarder #1: "Dude Jenno, Jewfro was talking himself up and wanted to fight Westen."
Snowboarder #2: "I thought Jewfro was Westen..."
by Pondo ski/boarder July 06, 2010
curly, dark hair on a white person
Greg has a Jew-fro like no other.
by lin4cam April 17, 2008
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