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When a jew is having sex but he is too cheap to actually bust a nut, so he pulls out, finds a pringles can, busts in that mofo, then takes it to the sperm bank the next day to get his dolla dolla bills.
Keith was banging his girlfriend and he was about to blow his jew sperm, so he pulled out, did a little jig, shouted "Jew Time" busted in a pringles can, then took it to the sperm bank to get paid gangsta style.
by Keith Cohen February 21, 2005
The time schedule that people of jewish orientation use; Being on jew time means one is incapable of being either early or on time.
I told her to be here for 3 but she's on jew time so she didn't show up till about 410.
by Jamamay March 16, 2011
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