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Its when a jews slaps you with his or her money.
Yo Goldstein just Jews slapped me. Jew slap
by MAGAs February 21, 2008

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When a dirty Jew slaps you with his or her curls.
Oh man... She just Jew slapped me!
by Tdacey December 04, 2010
when one takes a large quantity of paper money and slaps another person with said wad of bills. Origin from the fact that jews poses large disposable sums of money.
After getting his paycheck in cash, Josh jew-slapped his co-workers.
Noun/adjective. A very awkward and angry open handed assault perpetrated by a Jewish person on a non Jewish person for no good reason. May also be perpetrated on another Jewish person, but there's usually a good reason for that type of assault.
When prematurely waking a Jew, prepare for a Jewslap.

What posessed that guy to Jewslap that other guy? That was odd.
by Sebastian Slick August 30, 2010