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a small oval piece of hashish that has been transported into a country via the anus of a person of the jewish faith, usually a rabbi.

"man that jew poo is the strongest stuff i've toked on in a long time!"
#jewpoo #jew-poo #jewish poo #hashish #hash #anus
by oo-err July 31, 2008
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noun, the result of when a person of the Jewish persuasion gets extremely intoxicated and proceeds to produce a cracken in his or her pants.
Guy - Wow, did you hear about that jew girl?
Guy 2 - You mean the one that got really fucked up and shit her pants?
Guy - Yeah, she had to get stripped down and hosed off.
Guy 2 - What a jew-poo!
#shit #poop #crap #cracken #dookie
by TheLumbahjack September 11, 2006
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