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how to say jack off in a viet accent
do you jet off uncle same i see the porn on yo computa
#jack #jet #off #vietnamese #viet #accent
by bich nigguh March 18, 2008
To leave a place or situation without the consent of a superior or partner, mainly for the sole purpose of self fulfillment and enjoyment; Usually referring to work or unfavorable events.
Why stay in school today when we can jet off after attendance is taken?
#slacking #skipping #escaping #leaving #jetting #jet #jetting off
by Jet Off August 27, 2009
When you stick your dick in a jacuzzi jet. You try and keep it steady while you watch porn or think of hot asians having anal sex. You continue to jet off until you ejaculate in the jacuzzi. There is no need for tissues. You never have a sticky situation on your hands. It may begin to hurt after about 5 minutes but it is well worth it. Like getting a no lube hand job for free.
My buds and I went into the jacuzzi and all claimed our own jets. Some like the soft ones and some like the rough ones. I got the rough one and to jet off I thought of Kikoman sauce being poured all over this hot hasian while she was being butt fucked. It was a sweet thursday night.
#shuief #jacking off #cum #ejaculation #blue balls #dick #pussy pinata
by Shuiefer McStalion May 01, 2008
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