Sandals, specifically, thick leather ones that are reminescent of sandals that might have been worn in the Middle East during Christ's era.

The term typically is used with people who wear such sandals integrated with their usual clothes, and while wearing socks.
Did you check out Ted's new jerusalem cruisers?
by Trenchcoat November 09, 2003
Birkenstock sandals.
Look at that hippie in his jerusalem cruisers
by jenjens January 09, 2006
Air jesuses.
Yo where u get dos air jesuses?
by DAVEED November 12, 2003
The most simple type sandal. Made up of a bottom and two straps, with one around the ankle, that keep them on. Reminiscent of Old World style because of simplicity. Alt: Any sandals that look like Jesus would've worn.
Brian jumped off that rock and into the lake. His Jerusalem Cruisers kept him from biffing it.
by uw22tw July 22, 2010
Any rope sandal that is similar in style to the kind that Jesus would have worn.
"Hey, Ryan, where'd you buy the Jerusalem Cruisers?"
by Tony April 24, 2003

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