One sick, perverted S.O.B. who makes a living hosting a trash talkshow that mocks the ills of the socially dysfunctional and downtrodden, particularly whitetrash and glamourizes violence, racisim, debauchery, sexual immorality, promiscuity and homosexuality.

Gags on the show include female audience members receiving beads when they expose their breasts, sound effects that include a "moo" sound and a "boing", a stripper's pole, the audience singing the National Anthem when the word AMERICA is uttered and the popularity of the show's top security guard, Steve, particularly when female audience mebers rub his bald head.
Jerry Springer is the most perverted son of a bitch in America and is one of the reasons most of the world hates us.
by krock1dk September 03, 2007
A show where redneck's can take out their anger while their disturbingly obese wives tear off their clothes on-screen. AKA: Redneck Court
Inbreeder: I gonna take mah cousin to that Jerry Springer show, I know he my 'lil Joe Bob's daddy.
by theredneckhater March 30, 2006
talk show where ppl go when they can figure out there own shitty lives. usually cat fights occur on this show.
"im going on jerry springer cuz bob is cheating on me and he is the daddy of my baby!"
by kelsey April 05, 2005
Host of a hillarious tv show
I love to watch Jerry Springer
by loco asshole February 06, 2005
the act of being violent, vulgar, or commiting social no no's like incest, phedophelia, or disgusting sexual acts.
"She went Jerry Springer on me"
"you better watch or he'll go Jerry Springer on you:
"watch your kids and animals, they may go Jerry Springer"
by shane March 22, 2005
Former mayor of Cincinnati.
jerry springer enjoys eating tacos in his office.
by elBrendo August 09, 2006
A funny reality talk show that usually has rednecks or niggers beating the crap out of each other.
Jerry Springer kicks ass.
by Bobby De Niro December 03, 2005
"The cheapest way to get jewelry, (particularly beadead)"
"Jerry Springer I would like to get my Jerry Beads"
by kristinamaried January 08, 2010

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