When a group of males all masturbate while in a conga line formation.
Man A: what happened last night?
Man B: you, jim, tom, and bob all were in a jerk wagon together!
Man A:ewww..
by Weeesnaw July 01, 2010
Top Definition
To the intellectual bad ass it is a more effective and more offensive way to say someone is a jerk. Jerkwagons tend to seem nice at first, but then turn around to slap you in the face...with their wagon, that they carry all their bullshit in.
Person 1: Hey how's it goin??
Person 2: Pretty good, haven't seen you for a while! You?
Person 1: Same, hey want to hang out later?
*Person 2 is offline*
Person 1: Wow, what a jerkwagon.

Harry: Bellatrix killed Sirius! My last living family!! *cries*
Ron: Sorry mate, that bitch is a jerkwagon.
by hpfanx10 April 24, 2011
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