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Is the shorter version of Jennifer which means white wave.
what is your name?


Is that short for Jennifer?

Yes it is.....
by CB2114 June 13, 2008
177 366
the coolest person ever
Jenny loves the Junester
by jenny319 August 13, 2011
29 219
One of the most beautiful women in the universe. She is super sexy, sweet and kind. She is smart, funny and loves to have fun. If you ever meet a jenny , don't let go of her because she is a special treasure.
I was stunned at the beauty of the girl named Jenny.
by J A S March 07, 2008
423 619
A very tight, smooth butthole similar to scotty's, only female.
Man, she's got a nice Jenny.
by Scotty McScotterson November 16, 2009
28 240
Sweet and bubbly, loves to have fun! Can't get enough chocolate and loves the company of other people. You'll be her best friend if you can make her laugh.
Falls over a lot. Drinks too much and likes a smoke every now and then.
Has lush hair and amazing tits.
Will turn you on in the bedroom easily.
She was a jenny in the bedroom last night


I wish my best friend was jenny.
by Nellison May 11, 2008
227 448
Canadians with blond hair who love to titty fuck.
Oh ma gosh that girl is sooo jenny, she loves titty fucking almost as much as she loves maple leaves
by arii March 13, 2007
31 254
Short for Jennifer. The most amazing girl on the face of this planet. Very crazy and fun at all times. No one should ever pass up her friendship.
Also referred to as "hoe" by her best friend.
She's Jenny alright!
by Shmangela April 07, 2008
272 501