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defecation which is used as an inhalant to get intoxicated
I used up a whole jar of jenkum last night, man did I get wasted
by Dj $tress August 25, 2009
The new way too get high these days.. Take a crap.. and then take ur crap and put it in a bottle.. piss in the bottle and shakes it up.. then put a balloon over the opening of the bottle and sit it out for a day or so.. gases will fill the balloon.. then inhale the gases and get fucked up!
Nigga 1: Yo nigga.. go take a shit cuz i wanna get high!

Nigga 2: Wut? u trippin homie..

Nigga 1: Dude just watch me wiff this jenkum!
watch this nigga pass out!!
by BCoo7 November 16, 2007